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Hello world, my name is Alejandra...

and I'm a digital nomad with 13+ years of web design/development experience.

Having a mix of Information Science bachelor's degree and a mix of self-taught technology discovery, I have been lucky to see a lot of sides of the spectrum of the web's blossoming. I'm currently in love with Front-end JavaScript development and the magic it brings to modern day applications.

Being a frontend software engineer at Webflow, I spend most of my days building a tool along an inspiring team that aims to democratize Web Design and dreams about empowering everyone to create software visually.

I believe in code as a world transforming force, the perfect tool for solving complex and challenging problems while empowering ideas, empowering us.

Coding with love from 21 countries and 38 cities since 735 days ago.

Oh, and...on my time away from the screen, apart from playing with Hoppy, I like writing about live music, craft beer, attending Philosophy seminars, museums and exploring different cultures by hopping on a fixie bike, a plane, a train or any vehicle that moves between time and space.

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The paradox of code

(From Geek Sublime, by Vikram Chandra)

I work inside an orderly, simplified hallucination that is illusion and not-ilussion building code is uniquely kinetic, it acts and interacts with itself and with the world, embedding itself in our psychology and culture. It gets to the realm of the senses and aesthetics where the mental and material come together. Code moves us and changes us.

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